Carbon emissions a topic in the EP election

The candidates to become president of the European Commission are currently using the upcoming European Parliament election to discuss carbon emission politics.

Sunday, May 26, there is European Parliament election in all of the EU’s member nations. Environmental and climate politics are important topics in at least some of the countries. Especially the debate about a minimum price on carbon emissions, a so-called carbon price floor, has been a topic, and the candidates for the presidency of the European Commission have discussed this theme during the run-up to the election.

During a television debate earlier this week, the Dutchman Frans Timmers, the European socialists’ and social democrats’ group’s candidate for the presidency announced, that a pan-European carbon price floor has to be implemented as fast as possible. His rival, the liberals’ and conservatives’ group’s candidate, German Manfred Weber, is more hesitant. He announced, that despite the good intentions, he could not support the idea, as it would cause higher gas and heating prices, which would have the worst effect on the poorest people of the society.

The differences between the two major groups have been made clear ahead of the last campaigning across Europe. The candidates can look at the fact, that the carbon emission level in the EU from power and heat production fell 6.4 % in 2018 compared to the year before.

Meanwhile, energy analysis company ICIS has published a report which suggests, that the decreasing carbon emission level in the EU has little to do with the increasing carbon price, but instead is the result of a continuation of an existing trend in the EU, where the carbon emitters manage to pollute less due to technological developments.